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I've been all over the world holding trade conferences and major sales conferences and I've talked to hundreds of marketers who think content marketing is the same as content marketing. In this post, I'll explain to you why so many top companies are using it to get another 6x ROI from their market when they spend 62% less. And why not get started right away! So what is a true content marketplace? Content marketing is a process that publishes important content that your audience wants to eat to reach, attract and convert new customers. These are the types of people who act as publishers and create content on your site (your website) that attracts visitors.

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Content marketing generates measurable results and ROI compared to more traditional marketing tactics.Optimization of content marketing for E-commerce retailers are now on a new boat. Although they had physical locations, demand for online shopping is now the only channel for most. While it may seem like e-commerce and content marketing are not a good match, many online sellers are taking advantage of it. They found that optimizing content for their e-brand can lead to success. This also applies to B2B e-commerce. B2B e-commerce is expected to grow to $ 1.8 trillion by 2022. Why the growth that could actually surpass B2C e-commerce? This is largely due to a change in B2B buyers (millennials now make up 73% of the B2B buyer group). They are digital natives, enjoying the convenience of online shopping and looking for content that would support their shopping decisions. Improved logistics and transportation can also take less time to get what you need, online, instead of visiting in person. Now is probably their only option, so it's time to think about how to optimize your content for e-commerce.

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Look at the keywords in your content again. Focus on user-generated content (UGC) that draws attention to your social media profiles and increases your credibility. Get to know your customer and their expectations and create content based on them. If it makes sense to accept new channels and formats, then do it. For example, if the target audience you want to reach is on TikTok, find out how you can reach them here. While it's a good idea to try e-commerce content marketing, you do not want to alienate your audience by trying hard to take advantage of new trends instead of focusing on the message. signs of cowardice. As I mentioned in my personal content marketing essay this year, semantic content like "an editor's comment is empty term", "content market is a buzzword" and "local ads will lose the press" are that digital content is not without content . The Flag Must Die This TV would be in disrepair. And that we (ideas, editors and individuals) are storytellers. Programming is a run down. Bot market ads that are not visible to anyone, even though banners are performing poorly and stocks continue to rise, prices are steadily falling. Programmatic discussion is perhaps not the most interesting discussion in the world of marketing and mainstream media. Content marketing is becoming a staple of marketers, agencies, and publishing studios. And soon I will call it marketing. No ads. Not native. It's not digital. Market power only.

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